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Canyon Rio Salt River Rafting Trips

Salt River Rafting in Arizona - Season February to May - Class III-IV Single and Multi-Day Trips
Welcome to sunny Arizona where it is never too cold to be outside. This river is for the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies looking for a wet and wild time. Learn more

Since 1995, Canyon Rio has prided itself on delivering high quality rafting trips in the American Southwest. We operate on a variety of rivers in the Four Corners Area - the Salt River, the San Juan River, the Rio Chama River - each offering a unique perspective on the desert environment. Whether you are looking for a high adrenaline thrill ride or a relaxing family retreat, Canyon Rio has a trip for you. With the best safety rating in the business, you can trust that you are in good hand with our guides who put your well being above all else.

So get out of your car and step off the beaten path. Let us take you down river and have your perception of the desert changed forever.


Have Something Special in Mind?

Canyon Rio is happy to provide outfitting, catering, and personnel support for any adventure on or off the river. Check out the “Special Trips” and “Trips in Review” tabs above for ideas on how Canyon Rio can help with your special events, workshops, and more.