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San Juan, UT - Utah's Little Grand Canyon

The San Juan River begins in southern Colorado and joins the Colorado River at Lake Powell in southeastern Utah, flowing through the heart of the Four Corners region. On the section we raft, from Bluff to Lake Powell, the river meanders through sandstone canyons filled with archeological sites and signs of ancient inhabitants. You may see herds of bighorn sheep foraging along the riverbanks, as well as many species of birds including eagles, herons, and osprey. The San Juan River exposes the harsh beauty of one of the most remote and spectacular areas in the country. 

Although much of your trip will be a peaceful float, the San Juan tumbles over several Class II-III rapids — “Eight-Foot,” “Four-Foot,” “Ledge,” and “Government” — that are exciting yet accessible for the whole family. You can ride the river in an oar raft rowed by your expert guide, or you can paddle a two-person inflatable kayak.

All San Juan trips are chartered and require at least eight people. While we recommend the following trip lengths, each trip is customizable to meet your desires and time frame. Call Canyon Rio to request a quote and discuss your trip.

San Juan Three Day
- Spend three days and two nights camping on sand beaches and visiting archeological sites in the upper San Juan Canyon. This trip is perfect for families and people looking for a restful outdoor experience.

San Juan Five Day
- Enter the lower San Juan Canyon and drop off the map. This is a true desert wilderness experience. Enjoy sandy beaches, warm water, and sandstone cliffs towering hundreds of feet above your head.

San Juan Seven Day
- Leave your electronics, work, and worries behind as you lose yourself in Utah’s Little Grand Canyon.